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Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
the peninsula and over moffett field were thousands gathered to see yet. on to monterey, and finally los angeles it does the hollywood sign and circle downtown before landing at lax next week it is towed to the california signs museum where it will be on display next month. >>> while witnessing history many of your stamp photos of endeavor, our design department of these, juliette goodrich shows us more >>> christoph gobbler shares with his wife the moment he witnessed the space shuttle glide by his san francisco high rise >>> i looked over the top and you could see it within that to die and josten visual i was on my balcony and everybody was out on the balcony's that is so cool >>> like many others throughout the bay area and huddled on rooftops to catch a glimpse conference calls and meetings put on hold >>> i'm on my call i look out the window i see it come over the golden gate bridge. i said this was so cold that was the end of the call >>> i think the call was a deal and answer >>> the fly over was something people wanted to see and share photos with friends >>> i have great pictures these
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
's on friday she will be at a signing in los angeles. in san francisco as the cut cbs five. a lot people try to save money back from lunch is and how much does brown bagging and really save and what is the cheapest and which to make? two lots with results of the san was cerveza you can stretch your paycheck. relief food from home has its benefits. >>> i don't want to stand in line and get lunch. the airwaves but the biggest benefit is the savings this financial blubbered conducts an annual san would survey. all prices for many individual ingredients have risen over the last year overall you can't beat a homemade sandwich on price. >>> so we put it to the test by name-brand ingredients assembly and the sandwiches and doing the math. first up to the mix of mail a sandwich on whole wheat to the few slices of tomato cost $1.21. next up a plc. this says back a dollar and 29¢. this costs us $1.36 and finally the biggest bargains exile said. came to 90¢ ndp be in jail on whole wheat was the cheapest and 61¢. >>> a recipe for savings in bribes the cost of all the ingredients for each sandwich
Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. and vilify percent contained. it burns in rugged terrain 30 mi. northeast of los angeles it as and the surrounding campsites and communities a handful of residents still refuse to leave. >>> i decided to stay up here and put up a fight better than standing back and wondering how your place is doing i have animals and friends and family >>> and i want this place to burn up. this is my home. >>> firefighters face a triple challenge strong winds sweltering temperatures and rough terrain the area is so rugged crews are limited to fighting the flames from the air. >>> a man shot and killed by vallejo police did not have a gun but officers say it looked like one they fired dozens of rounds at the 23 year-old parolee after he reached for what they thought a deadly weapon. christin ayers on what it was and why some witnesses say police went too far. >>> it was excessive force they executed him >>> she was watching from this windows and a morning when vallejo police shot her brother mario romero to death in his car >>> i heard him take his last breath >>> more than 30 rounds rid o
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of los angeles tonight tory murder suspect led police on a very long high-speed chase. the suspect told police he wasn't going to be taken alive. and after he wrecked his car he came out firing. cirri fidel picks up the story. our cameras captured the final moments of the pursuit and shooed out in downtown l.a. the armed suspect truck crashed into a car sources tell me he then pulled out an ak-47 and started to fire at officers. we were several feet away as gunfire erupted. they say at one point the assault rifle jammed. the swat officers from scene. there were armed with handguns and rifles as well as a canine units. the suspect cystine shot gun shot wounds of a hospital we don't know his name age motivation to do now he is wanted for a carjacking at gunpoint this morning. he is also wanted for murder that took place in july. it was a dangerous lapd pursuit summerlike westlake or macarthur park we watched as the driver tried to travel the wrong way driving erratically. he drove his coat stolen car blowing through stop signs and red lights and other times he's slowed down we saw several
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of the vehicle then into the toussaint freeway and 110 south to south los angeles watches a suspected bank robber in the back seats begins throwing money at the window. >>> people watch in the pursuit on television came running out into the streets trying to grab the salutes. others jump in vehicles and began to chase the trail of money and running red lights and flying to crosswalks filled with pedestrians. deputies confronted the arm suspected bank robbers and crowds of onlookers trying to get to some cash inside the alleged getaway car. police officers ordered them to move back. two suspected bank robbers were taken into custody here one other suspect was investigated police say there were two minor injuries and officer in his foot was run over by passing motorists. this man is says he was struck by a passing patrol car police at the scene say his injuries were minor. police think the suspects were trying to slow the officers down but as you just saw that plan backfired. the dash for cash cloth clogged up traffic so badly the suspects for simply stop. apple fans got the been waiting for today
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
found in kill right her ex-husband lawrence jones arrested last night in los angeles johnson up professor at the postgraduate school in monterey and fbi forensics team combed his house for evidence the search for johns began after authorities identified the body of his ex- wife. >>> we went in with monterey pd it appeared the scene happened here we were on the lookout for mr. jones >>> san benito county sheriff says mr. jones the prime suspect and works to bring him back to monterey the couple divorced after five years of marriage >>> slow economic recovery in contra costa county leads to budget cuts board of supervisors says it has a balanced budget but at what cost reporter elizabeth cook with more. >>> mary knox a contra costa county district attorney for 27 years and prosecutes homicide case is the county has the highest rate in the state >>> a high murder rate it as a lot to do with rival gangs >>> the d.a.'s office is hemorrhaging lawyers the work load is unmanageable. >>> over the course of the last six months we've had 10-15 percent leave that is a constant over the last
Sep 20, 2012 11:00pm PDT
home in los angeles >>>shuttle has ever been to northern california before >>> the shuttle piggybacked on a modified boeing 747 when is the best time and place to see the flyover paul deanno breaks it down >>> we are likely to see it because of the change they are delaying the flight one hour to allow the fog and cloud cover to burn off. here it is what to expect, it will be a beautiful shot a fly over in sacramento about 930 and then will passed over the showboat science center, then it does a couple of loops passes low over the golden gate bridge then south down the peninsula and over san jose and then on to monterey bay aquarium, on future cast the computer forecast predicts there will be low cloud cover out there tomorrow morning, it looks like the cloud cover and rolls off between eight and 10 a m things have been delayed to 930 a and that increases the likelihood of sing it to 80 percent with a much better chance of have excellent viewing conditions during a talk to some folks at the golden gate bridge there are excited >>> i cannot imagine what would be better than golden gate b
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)